What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life

Ageless Secrets of Style

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May 3, 2010

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In What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life, Gross helps us reconsider our closet identity, and discover who we want to be.

Every woman's closet—no matter the size—is a room of her own. In that space hang side by side the special occasions and the everyday, the triumphs and the disasters, the memories we want to keep—and those we should jettison.

She shares her personal journey and the intimate, poignant, and often humorous stories of the dozens of women she's interviewed across the country. Along with calming fashion advice about how to choose flattering clothes that will fit any woman's shape and style, Gross's engaging stories will help every woman evolve gracefully from wife to mother, from empty-nester to globe-trotting adventurer—whatever role she chooses—while letting her style express her inner beauty.

What's Inside

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"What a great style book! A perfect mixture of keen insight, inspiration, fashion savvy, and flawless practical advice. An absolute must-read for any woman with any doubts about how to look her personal best---now and forever."

-Leah Feldon, author ofDoes This Make Me Look Fat?
"It is great to see such a comprehensive guide to style for women over 40. Our lives evolve and often our wardrobes do not. As we grow older, we should feel more comfortable in our own skin...books like this help us relax and enjoy who we are, and give us permission to be stylish, feminine and sexy at any age. "

-Sigrid Olsen, artist and designer
"For women over 40 and beyond, style tips that won't get old...The guide is for women whose lives have evolved while their wardrobes have had trouble keeping up. More than a "how-to", the book is a "why-to"...—Denver Post
Kim Johnson Gross...co-creator of the Chic Simple book series offers help for 40-plus women who "need to evolve their wardrobe and don't know where to start."—People Magazine
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