Classic Style

Hand It Down, Dress It Up, Wear It Out

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May 30, 2017

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A gorgeously illustrated guide to “the classics”: the essential clothes, accessories, beauty products, and timeless everyday objects that define your personal style.

In Classic Style, fashion expert and illustrator Kate Schelter curates a collection of more than 150 iconic, essential classics– clothes, accessories, beauty products, objects, and travel items that exemplify great design, simplicity, and timeless style. Balancing the trend toward minimalism with a dose of charm and personality, Kate shows you how to develop (and celebrate!) your own style by following an easy mantra: buy less, buy better, reinvent what you already have, and own your look. Now in her first book, she guides readers through these principles in a mix of stunning watercolor illustrations, stories, memories, quotes, and advice from a collection of friends and mentors in the fashion world. A visual gem, Classic Style will inspire you to pare down those stuffed closets and storage units, find joy in simplicity and usefulness, and rediscover the one thing that is truly essential to personal style–you!

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"Classic Style is so much more than a book about personal style choices and classic wardrobe recommendations. It inspires readers to remove the clutter and embrace the joy of simplicity."
The Associated Press
"[Classic Style] is a very relatable book, filled with gorgeous illustrations and plenty of pithy narrative. There are hilarious passages, nostalgic remembrances, and tips readers can use to shape their personal style. . . . Above all, the book is meant to stress [Kate's] belief in the importance of being yourself and of finding what you love."
"Classic Style should be required reading for fashion designers, stylists and those who care to learn more about their own sense of style. Not since The Preppy Handbook has a book served as a how to guide for the classic elements of style."—Huffpost
"Kate's paintings are proud badges we wear, or drive, or stir a drink with. Simple items that define us, tell our stories, and communicate our values."
Andy Spade
"Kate Schelter has evolved into an expert on lifestyle and fashion. I am so happy for her latest book of wonderful, whimsical watercolors."
Zac Posen
"This book belongs in every hotel nightstand--it's my new bible."
Jonathan Adler
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