The Flower Chef

A Modern Guide to Do-It-Yourself Floral Arrangements

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Mar 1, 2016

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Revel in this modern and comprehensive guide to floral design with “Gorgeous frameable images” and step-by-step instructions to bring your guardian inside (Laurie March).

The Flower Chef is a modern, comprehensive guide to floral design that caters to all readers–from beginners who have never worked with flowers before and are looking for a new creative outlet, to decorators, party planners and photographers looking to liven up their spaces. Even professionals will find ways to update their techniques!

This book teaches you everything you need to know about flower arranging including tips on how to buy and care for flowers, how to cut and prepare them, and how to use floral foam, vases, and various other decorative elements in your arrangements. Filled with beautiful photographs and easy-to-follow instructions on how to create over 80 different arrangements, this is the go-to guide to floral design that every flower lover will want to add to their collection.

What's Inside

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Carly is a true artist. Each arrangement is different, organic, and reflects her clients needs. Flowers are fun, beautiful, and inspiring and you see that in her work. Carly's book takes you from A to Z on everything flowers and helps us amateurs bring out the flower goddess in all of us.—Ali Landry
With everything happening in design, I'm surprised that no one has done what Carly's done and has done so well: taught us the simple mysteries of how to arrange flowers beautifully. Carly's book makes me smile.—Maxwell Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy
Growing your floral knowledge is effortless with this stunning book. Gorgeous frameable images give you step-by-step details, as well as some charming inspiration from Carly's work and life. Whether you've already got flower game or you're just learning about floral design, this book offers you tips and tricks to instantly improve your styling techniques.—Laurie March, remodeler, designer, and TV host
This is my go-to book for floral designing. It's full of amazing ideas and tips that are perfect for events or in your home.—Courtney Whitmore, founder of
Carly's passion for flowers is contagious. Her inspiration allows us to see flowers in a fresh, new way. Just like when cooking, we can now follow a recipe and serve up a beautiful floral arrangement that can be uniquely our own. She truly is the Flower Chef--teaching us how to nourish our souls through the beauty and boldness of flowers.—Sandy Abrams, author of Your Idea, Inc. and owner of Moisture Jamzz
Finally a floral design book I can understand! This book is full of tips, tricks and easily understood floral recipes that are perfect for anyone's skill level! A recipe breakdown is the perfect way for a novice flower lover to learn the tricks and trades of the art of floral arranging. Carly's passion for teaching floral design comes through effortlessly in The Flower Chef. I love Carly and can't wait to give this book to all my friends who love flowers as much as I do.—Leslie Durso, celebrity vegan chef and personality
I sincerely enjoy Carly's spirit and creative openness. She is willing to think outside the box and to pursue depth, irony, and whimsy in her work in addition to beauty.—Kristin Banta, founder of Kristin Banta Events
Carly's aesthetic with florals is a breathe of fresh air. Her unconventional approach to floral design keeps our industry exciting!—Wanda Wen, founder of Soolip
This book creates a needed foundation for aspiring designers . . . Highly recommended.—Library Journal
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